Jacqueline Shaw has achieved every goal she’s set her mind to—except having a successful, loving relationship. Falling time and again for men whose only contribution to her life amounts to perfectly-timed orgasms, and fragmented visions of ‘Happily Ever After’, she realizes it’s time to get off the relationship merry-go-round. And figure out why she was riding so long in the first place.

Chase Andrews, III is a dedicated firefighter haunted by nightmares so real he often awakens to the smell of still burning flesh. Eighteen years and countless lives saved, he’s been heralded a hero. But the devastating loss of one little boy makes him question his aptitude as a lieutenant, his ability to carry his family’s legacy, and at times…his own sanity.

After a drama-filled encounter two years before, Chase and Jackie cross paths again in a most unusual circumstance. Both driven by desire, the possibilities of what could be will draw them together. But uncovered secrets, unwanted drama, and unresolved issues threaten their chance at love, and might just leave them BROKEN.

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For anyone who has ever felt... Seasons of My Soul~ A Poetry Girl's Prerogative will draw you in and make you feel again. More than just a collection of random poems, these words represent real life situations described in poetic, short story form. Thought provoking and engaging,
the tales are honest and direct, no topic too taboo. "Mad as hell that he raped her of her innocence at only 12 years old, trading it for 25 years of drug addiction, low self-esteem and depression, one step forward, two
steps back regression..."

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as Seasons of My Soul inspires
self-reflection, acknowledging every emotion from lust, love, maternal
(and even paternal) instincts, to anger, heartbreak and pride. From the
first word to the last, the author takes you on a journey within, each poem resonating somewhere inside as if you have lived it all yourself. Don't be surprised when you realize that at some point within these pages, you have done just that.